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CoronaVirus Update for Hillside Beekeeping Supplies:   April 06, 2020

A big "THANK YOU" to all of our customers that picked up package bees this weekend.  You made it a great success!  It was a logistical nightmare figuring out how it was going to work, but we did it and everyone was very helpful and understanding during this difficult time.  The packages and  supplies were placed by your vehicles and people waited till they were instructed to get out to load them in their vehicles.  It was a tough couple of days, but you made it work, thank you again!

If  you need a certificate of health from bee supplier, e-mail us at [email protected] and we can email you the certificate!
Bee pickup for April 18-19th is still on schedule, we will contact you when it is closer and give you pickup times!

Attention NH Beekeepers, the governor of NH has listed beekeeping as an essential business!  We will remain open for the foreseeable future to allow customers to pick up supplies and their package bees during this "Stay at Home" order!  We ask that you please order online and call before arriving to pick up your supplies, so we can keep you from being in contact with others and us.  Bee pickup will go on as scheduled, and we will be calling you to set up a time to pick up your package bees.  Please follow our procedures so we can all remain safe from this Coronavirus!

We have a few Saskatraz packages available, call us to order, you cannot order online!

Hopefully we can slow the spread of this virus, by limiting face to face contact.  We will bring your supplies outside to your vehicle and you can load them, and no access to the store, we will get items for you.  We still have plenty of supplies and can get them ready for you, but want to limit time together to stop this from spreading.  Also if you have supplies ordered, it would be very helpful if you could schedule to pick them up before bee pickup, so we don't have too many people hanging around and waiting, and we are able to get packages and people out of here as quickly as possible.  

    Call us at 603-429-0808  Thank you for understanding during this difficult time and bee happy!

  If you ordered bees from Goffstown Hardware, you will pick them up in Goffstown!

5 Frame deep nucs also available for spring, tentatively May 2nd,  pickup only!

Ultimate Hive Stands, on sale through April, save $10 on each stand ordered, while supplies last!


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