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Thank you for visiting us at Hillside Beekeeping Supplies

We currently have in-store and on-line purchasing, and you may pickup items with curbside pickup!

The store will be closed on Saturday April 10th for bee pickup!
The store will be closed Friday- Sunday, April 16th-18th for bee pickup!

          April 9th,  update to bee pickup schedule 
               (April 3rd Carniolan Bee pickup) -- April 10th Bees have all been picked up!  Thanks to all the patient people! 
                   (April 10th Saskatraz Bee pickup) -- Delayed one week, pickup on April 17th and April 18th
                   (April 17th Carniolan Bee pickup) --On time,     pickup on April 17th and April 18th
                   (April 24th Carniolan Bee pickup) -- On time, pickup on April 24th
                   (May 1st Carniolan Bee pickup) -- On time, pickup May 1st

Nucs are still late April or beginning of May, supplier has not given dates yet!  Weather in the south was the issue!  We will be contacting you soon with dates for pickup!

Check your receipt if you have a question of when your bees were originally scheduled!

Please check website for any updates, they will be listed here.  We will contact you to setup a pickup time so we don't have too many people showing up at the same time.  Please do not call to check on updates as we are very busy!  The store will not be open during bee pickup, so let us know if you need any supplies, and we will have them ready for you when you get your bees.  Cash or check, as we will not be able to accept credit cards at pickup.  Sorry for any inconvenience on these delays, but it is due to weather at suppliers location, not weather here!  Thank you for understanding in these difficult times!
Allen and Staff



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